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NEW pAge COming SOon

April 28, 2009 2 comments

~UNder COnstruction~

I'm working on it, new post coming soon...

I decided to have NEw PAge instead of NeW CateGoRy. Too, I got a bad news... that is...I'm still wOrking on it!! SOrry gUys!!

Stutong Vegetable Wholesale!!

April 26, 2009 5 comments

25/04/09 10pm

Good news for vegetable consumers!! It’s because you get to have cheaper vegetable EVERY NIGHT after 9pm!!
The more u buy, the cheaper vegetable you’re gonna get!!! My family and I are currently one of the regular customers in town, haha…

My New Player
behind stutong market

My New Player
supplier getting ready for business

My New Player
more vege vege~~

Oops..kinda like doing free ad now :p haha…
Actually, I don’t really need to promote it because cheap things tend to gain popularity in a snap especially in such a small town like Kuching, keke…
My New Player
grab them all!!!

As you can see, it’s kinda dark at the wholesale place…yet you still manage to see a lot of people bringing their spouse and/or their kids to have a stroll around the wholesale place.
I personally find it exciting because it’s kinda weird to buy vege in this wholesale place, don’t you think? You gotta have special techniques to know which vegetable is fresh under dim lightning conditions. Pretty challenging job don’t you think? My dad enjoy the shopping since the first time he came here…he’s good in doing this night-shopping job! Salute him la… I’m trying to learn from him now, hehe…

Anyway, this is one of a snap of my mum and dad selecting the best vege to be serve as our daily meals for a week…
My New Player
mum and dad pick the best vege for the week

Well, thinking that I’m not helping out with the shopping? In your dream, man!! Immediately after the snap shot, I quickly go and help with the load lifting of course!! I went back and forth for about four times from the wholesale place to my car after each purchase! haha… Too heavy to carry one week vege around the place!

We went back after half an hour shopping. Everyone is content and half-asleep already by that time 🙂

Music of the day: Bus Stop OST – intro Bus Stop OST – 01. ¦Î¦Ù +i+©À+(Intro).mp3

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22/04/09 I got a new player for my music to dance!

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment

My New Player
My experiment was discontinued since last night and not resumed yet which is kinda annoying because today is the middle of the mid-sem break already…

Since I am not executing any regular data collections experiment for the day, my day was spent “wisely” by having breakfast at 7:30am with my colleague at Quan Chun at Abel Road which is famous due to its laksa(but I had the best thick toast ever with thick layer of peanut butter and milk on top of it~~ Yummy!!! Unfortunately I was too hungry to consciously delay my bite on it, haha!!
laksa no more

thick toast no more

I manage to take a snap on this antique structure…which is nearby Quan Chun…
antique stairs

After that at 9:30am I brought my colleague to pharmacy to buy him a bottle of eye-drops containing anti-biotics after he claimed that the irritation in his eyes had greatly affect his work. At the same time, I went back and forth to CIMB near rock road twice (due to my habit of not double checking and look back at what I need to bring…) and finally end up not doing what I intended to do which was to do transaction because my account was deactivated due to not using it in more than six months time!! Damn… what a waste of time!!
Rock Road CIMB

I thought my day will be peaceful after what I experienced in the morning…but my day went chaos… it all started when I was just about to settle myself down at my desk. That is when my colleague suggested to perform the hourly check (check once in an hour) on the dehumidifier’s stability from 11:30am-8pm at my experiment setup room. This really screw up my day… but not as bad as what I faced at the bank when I started to realize that I didn’t bring my IC and atm card of the bank…at that time I was pressurized by my own guilt(for making the same mistake over and over again)…which is one of the way to torture myself unconsciously…
Anyway, my final decision drawn from data collected was that I may had the opportunity to start my experiments all over again tomorrow night… will decide again after observe the data collected from the sensors tomorrow…actually I should do the data arrangement tonight…but my absent minded mind forgets to save the data into my apacer 2G pen-drive…damn…

In between the hourly check, I attempted some data backup work on my studio 1555 (nearly 5 x 4.71G of data had been backed up successfully) whenever I had the chance. And not forgetting to go online to check my emails, visit vyzc?? and troubleshoot audio codec problem which I end up having a new player for myself).

In the midst of check, I still manage (forced to) to attended a seminar (not paying much attention to it since the content is not directly related to my work…) and a meeting (I yawn a lot as I was at the low batt situation already…)
and too maintain my daily routine to had emails back and forth with my colleague which made myself to be super busy on Friday morning (damn…)!

I know it sound incredible…but yet it’s just another ordinary day I would claim…which I would not bother after this…haha…

Music of my day:
A soundtrack from “Long Vacation”: Long Vacation 06.MP3 , a classical music I suppose~ a 1minute 18seconds master piece…

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21/04/09 Interesting insights…

April 23, 2009 2 comments

I lost a considerable of things in the past few months. First is my NEC Versa M-Series Laptop, then is my Nokia 5300, my dad’s 019 number…

At the moment when each of them lost, I almost break down and cry…it is because I had feeling for things that is with me for more than a year…

My laptop had been with me for about five years, my handphone had been with me for one year plus and I would have to face the music if my dad were to discover his lost :p

However God bless me a lot and decided to have my friends to be there with me to face all these difficult moments…

Now I got almost of them replaced except for my dad’s number…which later to found out that 555 is a number that always come together with the replacement.

My Nokia 5300 replaced with a Sony Ericsson K770i with price RM555 (which include charges of silver black casing).

My NEC Versa M-Series Laptop replaced with a Dell Studio 1555 with price which is “eye dropping”.
my dell studio

Hopefully 555 doesn’t mean nothing! nothing!! nothing!!! since the number “5” sound like nothing in Hokkien!

Music of my day:
Silent Emotion – Piano Version: 日剧《悠长假期》主题曲 – 20071129210833_1376.mp3, one of the track from “Long Vacation”, which reminds me its original version: Long Vacation 03.MP3 with vocal in it…

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Sharing my World

April 23, 2009 Leave a comment

Beethevon Virus

I find that I had different theme music every week because I’m a moody kind of person… Thus, I decided to have music to share with each time I add a new post so that I could share with you what kind of music is playing in my world when it spins 🙂

Picture from Korean Drama “Beethevon Virus” from

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WHat a day…

April 21, 2009 1 comment

This is a pretty hectic week for me as I had to perform data collection of three different experiments in a short period of time… I almost lost myself yesterday because of problem arises during experiments…the humidity aint right!! Which could be a big problem in terms of the reliability and usability in the results obtained… plus, I had tonnes of “behind the scene” work such as data arrangements, measurements, preparing lab sheets, etc.

Music draw me back from the madness of the unorganized day…I manage to gain my concentration and able to proceed with last half of my day… then I realize I really can’t live without music… music is something which I seldom listen when I am in my workplace because of past experience where it distract me and doesn’t allow me to concentrate well in my work…either in teaching or research… now it saves me… forgive me, music…for abandon you in workplace…

WHat a start for my first blog… which reflect one of my character — negative thinking person.

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Hello world!

April 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Welcome to vyzc blog! This is my first blog which born after great influence from some of my inspiring friends ember and max. THank yOu!!!

Hopefully I will have more time to put up great things to inspire people…

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