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WHat a day…

This is a pretty hectic week for me as I had to perform data collection of three different experiments in a short period of time… I almost lost myself yesterday because of problem arises during experiments…the humidity aint right!! Which could be a big problem in terms of the reliability and usability in the results obtained… plus, I had tonnes of “behind the scene” work such as data arrangements, measurements, preparing lab sheets, etc.

Music draw me back from the madness of the unorganized day…I manage to gain my concentration and able to proceed with last half of my day… then I realize I really can’t live without music… music is something which I seldom listen when I am in my workplace because of past experience where it distract me and doesn’t allow me to concentrate well in my work…either in teaching or research… now it saves me… forgive me, music…for abandon you in workplace…

WHat a start for my first blog… which reflect one of my character — negative thinking person.

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  1. Max
    April 21, 2009 at 11:33 am

    From what you have written above, i can feel the stress and dull atmosphere in your research lab which could drive me crazy if i were you. But with the beautiful melody of soft music, your lab could be changed into a wonderful and comfortable place where you can pay 100 percent focus into your research. So, play more soft and classical music as they may improve the efficiency of your research. All the best.=)

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