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21/04/09 Interesting insights…

I lost a considerable of things in the past few months. First is my NEC Versa M-Series Laptop, then is my Nokia 5300, my dad’s 019 number…

At the moment when each of them lost, I almost break down and cry…it is because I had feeling for things that is with me for more than a year…

My laptop had been with me for about five years, my handphone had been with me for one year plus and I would have to face the music if my dad were to discover his lost :p

However God bless me a lot and decided to have my friends to be there with me to face all these difficult moments…

Now I got almost of them replaced except for my dad’s number…which later to found out that 555 is a number that always come together with the replacement.

My Nokia 5300 replaced with a Sony Ericsson K770i with price RM555 (which include charges of silver black casing).

My NEC Versa M-Series Laptop replaced with a Dell Studio 1555 with price which is “eye dropping”.
my dell studio

Hopefully 555 doesn’t mean nothing! nothing!! nothing!!! since the number “5” sound like nothing in Hokkien!

Music of my day:
Silent Emotion – Piano Version: 日剧《悠长假期》主题曲 – 20071129210833_1376.mp3, one of the track from “Long Vacation”, which reminds me its original version: Long Vacation 03.MP3 with vocal in it…

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  1. DemonD
    April 24, 2009 at 10:01 am

    wooooo….new laptop,,,hahaha,,suit suit,,,nice one miss,,,,,next time bring it to uni miss,,,hahaha,,,i will install some games inside,,,:p

  2. vyzc
    April 25, 2009 at 5:57 am

    I do bring my laptop to uni almost everyday… install what game oh? no time play also la…

    Have you try listen to the music? I think quite nice la! HOpe u find the same…

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