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Stutong Vegetable Wholesale!!

25/04/09 10pm

Good news for vegetable consumers!! It’s because you get to have cheaper vegetable EVERY NIGHT after 9pm!!
The more u buy, the cheaper vegetable you’re gonna get!!! My family and I are currently one of the regular customers in town, haha…

My New Player
behind stutong market

My New Player
supplier getting ready for business

My New Player
more vege vege~~

Oops..kinda like doing free ad now :p haha…
Actually, I don’t really need to promote it because cheap things tend to gain popularity in a snap especially in such a small town like Kuching, keke…
My New Player
grab them all!!!

As you can see, it’s kinda dark at the wholesale place…yet you still manage to see a lot of people bringing their spouse and/or their kids to have a stroll around the wholesale place.
I personally find it exciting because it’s kinda weird to buy vege in this wholesale place, don’t you think? You gotta have special techniques to know which vegetable is fresh under dim lightning conditions. Pretty challenging job don’t you think? My dad enjoy the shopping since the first time he came here…he’s good in doing this night-shopping job! Salute him la… I’m trying to learn from him now, hehe…

Anyway, this is one of a snap of my mum and dad selecting the best vege to be serve as our daily meals for a week…
My New Player
mum and dad pick the best vege for the week

Well, thinking that I’m not helping out with the shopping? In your dream, man!! Immediately after the snap shot, I quickly go and help with the load lifting of course!! I went back and forth for about four times from the wholesale place to my car after each purchase! haha… Too heavy to carry one week vege around the place!

We went back after half an hour shopping. Everyone is content and half-asleep already by that time 🙂

Music of the day: Bus Stop OST – intro Bus Stop OST – 01. ¦Î¦Ù +i+©À+(Intro).mp3

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  1. April 26, 2009 at 5:02 pm

    Very cheap ar? I should recommend this place to my mum then! Haha. Unless she knows about it already.

    Bought so much greens until you had to make so many trips to the car? =P

    • vyzc
      April 27, 2009 at 1:43 am

      I just know you can get very fresh cucumber for RM1.50 per kg and very fresh egg plant for RM3. Others I’m not very sure because it’s always my dad who do the bargaining ;p

      It’s nice to hang out there because u gonna meet a lot of people… my dad meet his colleague when we went there for the first time, my mum meet our old neighbour last week and I meet Yu SHiau last month! It’s fun and exciting there! but if u hate shopping in market, u gonna get urself boring like my brother did everytime he follow us :p poor kids…haha…

      • sionghuo
        April 27, 2009 at 1:57 pm

        So many of them went there a? I think I should go sometimes, maybe I can meet the girl of my life there. Who knows? Hahaha…

  2. vyzc
    April 27, 2009 at 4:07 pm

    Girl of ur life? Hmm.. yup, maybe!

    FOr the girls, u may meet a lot of youngster selling vegetable!
    Actually I was shock when I first went there when I notice that most of the whole seller are youngster! Still in high-school I believe…

    By the way, just some updates about the price.
    You can get “Long Bean” for RM1 per kg! Cucumber price already drop to RM1.20 last week. I really recommend this place for vegetable purchase. They are there almost every night whenever they have stock.

    • Max
      April 28, 2009 at 7:09 am

      So you are helping them promoting vegetables? Haha… Unfortunately I cant go their without transport. Cannot lo. The prices for the vegetables are cheap but do you know where did they get those vegetables? I think probably the vegetables are from China lo.

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