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MOUse MIce My PAlm :(

It’s been almost two weeks. I continuously need to apply ointment on my palm and on every single joints of my fingers to ease the pain…
It was only a few days ago then I discover that my two inch long IBM mouse is one of the cause of the continuous pain…causing me not able to practice on my keyboards for a week!

Well, that’s not my story of the day…it’s just an intro to my story.

To stop the pain asap, I headed to the Spring today with one aim: Get myself a palm friendly mouse!

I wonder back and forth between Boulevard IT store and PC Image and spend half an hour time making my choice whether to settle down with a Gigabyte mouse+keyboard at price RM69 or a Logitech mouse at price RM39… Gigabyte mouse is the very first mouse I try on my hand and it feels terrific! Logitech is a mouse recommended by some of my students. The feel ain’t bad on my hand…but Gigabyte is the best mouse on my palm! However, I finally decided to invest my $$ on the Logitech mouse…

CJ new mouse

CJ new mouse

Then I happily walked back to my office feeling content with what I just got for my palm. It was not long to discover that all these efforts turn out to be a waste of my energy…
When I plug the mouse into my studio 1555 I found out that the old Dell wheeled mouse, which is attached to my office old PC, is more comfortable on my hand!! Sucks!

Any difference? Grrgh!!

Any difference? Grrgh!!

The only difference which I could notice lies at the end part of the mouse…Logitech mouse’s end part is a bit higher…
Notice from the photo that the clearly shown mouse is of Dell’s. There’s a little bump seen at the background of Dell’s mouse contributed by Logitech mouse…

Maybe a difference here...

Maybe a difference here...

A little difference create great impact hah…

Should I be regret?

I could only be optimistic with the fact that the new mouse is causing less pain than the IBM small RM15 mouse…Sayonara, IBM…we had all the happy and sad time together for almost four years…Don’t worry about getting retire…I will get you a new master soon 🙂

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  1. Max
    May 27, 2009 at 11:46 am

    Don’t think about it again la. Haha… Even if you regret, nothing will change. Plus, the dell mouse is not yours right? You still have to buy a new mouse when you cant use it anymore right? So, be happy with your new mouse. Smile =)

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