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Mushi-shi – NEw TErminology that MAybe true

Theme Song: Mushi-shi Opening – The Sore Feet Song by Ally Kerr

Mushi, a new term introduced from an anime, Mushi-shi, caught my attention. Spend the whole weekends watching this anime…=_=””unbelievable…

Just to share with you guys, Mushi-shi is a very nice anime with peaceful opening song and background music…love it a lot!~

mushi-shi 3

mushi-shi 3

Here’s some of the comment given by other people:

1- from “http://aiolia.blogbus.com/c2131992/”

mushi-shi - Ginko

mushi-shi - Ginko

2-from “http://shirakdy.com/posts/20”
《虫师》的每集剧情都是独立的,并且剧情的主旨也各不相同,所以无法详细的介绍。笼统来说,《虫师》描述的是维系着 “虫”与“人”的主人公——虫师“银古”,在旅途中与各种人、以及与其所关联的“虫”相遇,解决各种奇异现象,逐步将“人”与“虫”引导向共生之路。而主旨,在《虫师》中是模糊而多变的。就我看来,《虫师》想说的是:无论世界变幻、时光流转、命运更替,只要你的心不曾迷失,生命中的一切将如镜湖掩映碧空般清澈平静。


Mushi-shi Ginko 2

Mushi-shi Ginko 2

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  1. July 9, 2009 at 11:32 pm

    wow,,,this one looks nice,,,what’s the story about?

    • Vyz
      July 10, 2009 at 6:27 am

      you know x-file right?
      Both try to tell us that unknown creatures are out there but unlike x-file, there’s no cheating or politic stuff here…

      you may categorize mushi as ghost but it is not that appropriate…because mushi may appear as a natural happenings, for example- cloud, bamboo, rainbow, etc. but of course they don’t act exactly like how the real cloud, bamboo and rainbow do. They are merely another life form ufamiliar and remain unseen by most of us.
      Those who are able to see it will suffer most of the time because mushi are not meant to be touched by human being. From the stories, you will understand that one will not end up well after they involve themselves with mushi… you gotta know how to deal with mushi to be able to continue survive. Or else, you will suffer. That’s when mushi-shi came in.
      Mushi-shi is a person who is able to see mushi and know how to eliminate, cure disease caused by mushi or advise people how to deal with them. Mushi-shi always continuously record each mushi he counter and the way to deal with it.

      In this anime, the main character is the mushi-shi named Ginko. One of his eyes had been sacrifice to a kind of mushi named “Ginko”… but I suppose he can’t remember it because when he sacrifice his eye, he was in “the dark”, another mushi that accompany “Ginko”. Those who got themselves in “the dark”, won’t remember anything when they got out from it. Luckily Ginko manage to remember to gave himself a name after he got out from there…which is why he still survive until the present time of the story and continue to travel while helping others.

      I like the story a lot because each episodes are totally different from each other and I always curiuos of what mushi will be introduced in the next episodes…luckily the animation only got 26 episodes…or else my energy will drain out due to continuous watching of the anime, haha… I will watch all the episodes again if I have the time 🙂 very nice…

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