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020809 – Drawing at Reservoir Park?!?!

Never once in my life to have thought of doing what I did on this day: Complete a drawing at park.

It all started when Riady joked about drawing at some good spot. He talked about it after finish snapping the flower the week before last Friday with him and his brother. Well, for a person who lake of inspiration at the moment (that’s me of course), I took that idea seriously and I believed that he must be shocked with my seriousness, haha!
However, thanks to Riady, I had a great time this morning 🙂

A brief story on our journey:
We started our drawing attempt trip at 8am. Had a breakfast at a kopitiam at King Center first before heading to Reservoir. I ordered a dried Wanton, a cup of Milk-C and a cup of plain water. Riady had a Kolo Mee and Teh-O while Ember had himself a Porridge(didn’t ask him whether it was with chicken meat or fish meat) and Teh-C (his favourite drink). There I discover a pretty funny fact: all of us ordered hot drinks that morning…haha~

After the breakfast, we headed to the park at 8:45am.

I decided to park at parking space near museum which is not too far from the actual location. Had a stroll at that area before we went to Reservoir Park…
Worst impression about that spot(not Reservoir Park): Moisquito attack!! Moisquito surrounded my leg and had two to three of them rest on my leg…eeiu…yakk…

Anyway, we reach Reservoir park at about 10am.
The red bridge in the park attracted Riady and my attention. We were then up and down trying to find the best view to be included in our drawing… It took about 30 minutes for us to get ourself settle down with a suitable spot…
This was the suitable spot we chose:

Scene to be included at Reservoir Park

Scene to be included at Reservoir Park

After getting our drawing tools ready, we started our first time ever scenery drawing on the spot.

The environment of the place where we did our drawing was very peaceful.
For the first time in my life, I felt very peaceful at other place beyond my house compound. It’s utopia! (ridiculous) But, honestly, I never felt better…
Then Riady’s guitar version of “Melodies of Life” suddenly played in my mind during my drawing which suits the environment there… Pretty amazing I must say…

The whole process of getting the drawing done was two hours…
This is my drawing:

Final Product

Final Product

After I reached home, I compared my drawing with the real Scene side-by-side:

Compare with Real Scene

Compare with Real Scene

Real Scene

Real Scene

Not bad ho? haha…(so thick faced :p)

Most satisfied item of the drawing:

Most Satisfied item of my drawing

Most Satisfied item of my drawing

All I could say after the drawing was : Poor Ember.
After shooting for one and half hour he finally ran out of inspiration. Without much alternative, he end up shooting his colonel instead, haha…
I guess he would probably say no to our next invitation of a similar event, haha…

I believe not many people attempted as what we did today.
A few visitors who passed by stand near us and looked at our drawing. Luckily most of them tend to stand near to Riady (his drawing more pro ma…) One of them asked if we were one of the drawing class student…haha! I found the visitors there responded in a very funny way to what we were doing…

Unlike Riady, I didn’t do any touch up the drawing after I return back home because I prefer retaining the work I did back there. I don’t demand much from myself since I already stopped drawing for three years and never had any experience in drawing scenery…

After the drawing session:
On the next day when I woke up, my whole body felt very light. I never feel better!
I guess it must have been the relaxation that the session gave on the day before.
Riady even mentioned about doing this more often…how I wish we could…
I think it’s pretty impossible in the near future. Sorry to Riady… Sorry to me myself… it’s pretty hard to find a time to do this again with our packed schedule starting next week onwards…

I really wished we could do this again…

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  1. Max
    August 3, 2009 at 10:51 am

    Wow…. Never thought you can draw that well! Great drawing you have there. = )

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