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ShoRt pOst to sTarT th3 n3w y3aR

theme song: Nat King Cole – Love

I know it is kinda late for this but I still want to greet you all Happy New Year, folks!

I had a great vacation this year. No regret at all.

Even had chance to review the outcome in my life for the year 2009~ well, I must say it’s a very fruitful year indeed. Got myself a lot of friends last year, gain a lot of new knowledge, got some hobby for myself… if I die at this instant, I had no regret at all!

In this new year, I won’t hope much. Life is like a roller coaster. I am not going to pray for the best to come. I could only pray that I would be able to manage my life well. If opportunity come to my doorstep, I will open the door for it and greet it well. If bad luck is paying me a visit, I will too open the door for it, but will greet it with care…may God give me strength when I need it and bless me well… (so greedy, lol :p)

Just in case if you wonder what is this photo doing here in the post, this is my friend, Nici under my family first Christmas Tree. We are not Christian but most of us in the family love Christmas season. It’s a wonderful, peaceful season of the year… Attached here one of the great hits you will always tune into during the season: Sarah McLachlan – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

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  1. Max
    January 14, 2010 at 4:14 am

    So finally you working on your blog again. Good to see you back. => Anyway, I wish you Happy New Year and have a prosperous 2010. 2009 was really a meaningful year. There were happy and sad memories. Despite the lost of my car, happy memories more la.

    Wish you do better, learn more and may all your wishes come true in 2010.

    By the way, nice to meet to you, Nici. If you are going to have a fight with Danbo, I bet you win with 100 bucks. Hahaha… Have a nice day…

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