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TOpic 1- FAir Or NOt?

May 18, 2009 2 comments

Theme SOng: SEcret GArden – Ode to SImplicity

The rich always get richer. Why?
The one you love doesn’t love you back. Why?
What you pay is not what you are getting…why? Do you deserve this?

It’s been ages since the society sees woman as a weaker living being. The society treat woman differently compare to man. Woman doesn’t seem to fit in any job. No job suits woman except house-wife. How many talents have been buried because of misconception…countless I suppose. At the same time, talented people like Galileo and Vincent van Gogh were not appreciated at their time…society could not accept their belief…they choose to destroy them directly or indirectly… In the end, Galileo die in prison, Van Gogh committed suicide… Do they deserve these?

Genius and Belief

Genius and Belief

Why is the world not as fair as 1+1=2?

Mmm, let’s look at the bright side.

A poor suddenly get rich. HOw COme? (A poor won himself RM100,000 after buying a 4D number)
There is someone out there who care for you without you notice it. You mean the whole world to them. HOw COme? (YOur PArents)
You suddenly get something that you never pay before. HOw COme? Do you deserve this? (YOUr friend GAve YOU A SUrprise present in YOUr BIrthday)

We always hear people say: “Fair or not depend on how you look at it.”
Those who are quite ignorant and somehow gets away with problem easily may agree with it (I think I’m one of them).
Those who always face obstacle and not getting what they want, even though they think deserve it, may claim that it’s bull shit and categorize themselves as the unlucky ones. Those who are in such a circumstances and are positive minded won’t be bothering about fair or not. They will carry on with what they have in life because they are not allowed to judge! There ain’t got time for them to even ponder about it! (Potential dialogue: “Come on, we don’t even have time to earn enough to survive, why bother about questions that doesn’t pay you money for the answer?”)

Perhaps it all depend on the 10:90 principle which I read about it before. It was presented in a powerpoint slide show sent by my colleague. Very meaningful indeed.
The 10:90 principle is saying that 10% of your life is made up of situations that are out of your control. The other 90% is situations created from your respond to those situations which are not in your control. When unexpected incident happen, it’s hard to make right decision and it’s hard to respond well to the situations that come to us in a surprise but we will learn. I know because I’m currently observing myself doing it. It’s even harder when we are exhausted.
Therefore, we must exercise often to keep our stamina at good level. We must keep our body and our mind balanced.

I now think I really agree that fair or not depend on how you look at it.

A chinese proverb sounds like this :”Those who are really smart, they act stupidly to survive. Only those who ain’t that smart try to show off.” However, with this, I’m not trying to say Galileo is stupid to have got himself killed by the Christian society, who believe that he had violated the ancient belief, for showing the world the ultimate truth that the earth is actually turning around the sun instead of the sun turning around the earth. When Jesus was being put up on the cross and tortured by the society, he never mentioned about how unfair the world is…It was Ignorance of the society causes all these tragedies.



Anyway, what I am trying to bring up is, if you made the choice to survive in this world, please don’t go against it. If you choose to strive for the truth, go for it! DO whatever that you think that suits you! Different people are having different motto of life, right?

We don’t have a choice of which world we born in but we have a choice to stay alive or to commit suicide.
We don’t have a choice of which family we born in but we have a choice to choose our friends.
We don’t have a choice of which country we born in but we have a choice of getting a Permenant Resident Status at other country.
We don’t have a choice of getting the talent that we want but we have a choice to master any skills available somewhere out there in the world.
It’s a matter of choice I believe.

Please COrrEct ME if I’m wrong. YOU are MOst WElcome to DO SO. JOIn me in the DIscussion whoever YOU Are and WE may see the WOrld differently 🙂

REmember, Nothing lasts FOrever Except CHAnge.

Prelude to “QuesTion LeFt UNanSWered” – Proverbs to POnder On

May 13, 2009 3 comments

First of all, I would like to apologize to the reader who got confused by the way I update my post… thousand apologies.

Theme SOng of the DAy: Jay Chow Initial D MOvie OST – Track 12
Before I really start on the post for this category, “QuesTion LeFt UNanSWered” , allow me to share with you the proverbs quoted from the following book:

Source of Proverbs

Source of Proverbs

I bought this book from one of the book fair held in Kuching last year, year 2008. It’s kinda like bible for me if I really have no one to turn to…I mean, there are some question in life which no one could answer for you, right? Maybe this only happen to me, I don’t know…Think too much maybe…haha…

Anyway, I’m not posting the proverbs all out at once because I believe that good advices or good opinions, which are very true, deserve to be read over and over and over again 🙂 am I right?

Here’s the first one:

About Genius

About Genius

and the last one in the post:

WOrth to POnder on right?

WOrth to POnder on right?